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Damien Rice - Ready To Leave That Wrecking Ball Behind
January 12th, 2008
02:19 am


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Damien Rice
So I'm sitting here listening to music and trying to figure out asp caching and the album I was listening to via Rhapsody ended (She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge). I went back to my custom page that shows recommendations ("My Rhapsody") page to see what Rhapsody was suggesting for me tonight and it was suggesting Damien Rice's new album. Instead I decided to listen to his Live From Union Chapel recording.

I've really liked Damien Rice for a long time now and while I don't listen to his stuff nearly as much as I used to I still really like it. It's so amazing how music can transport you to a different place. All of a sudden I'm thinking about my old apartment on Queen Anne where I lived during a rather difficult period. I listened to his O album a lot during that period. It's amazing how much my life has changed and how easy it is to forget about things in the past.

What I'd guess was around that time I saw Damien Rice in concert for the first time and I don't think he'd gotten a whole lot of attention in the US yet at that point. I saw him at The Paramount and I remember being amazed with the fact that even though I was sitting up in one of the first few rows in the balcony that I could hear everything and it was a really intimate experience. That was easily one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Fast forward to a while back when I picked up tickets to see him at an Earth Day show that The Mountain put on. This was right around the time that 9 came out and it seems like he was getting a fair amount of airplay. It was at Benaroya Hall and while the venue was great and the sound was great it was one of the worst concert experiences I have ever had. This was in no way due to the performance (which was great) but instead was due entirely to the audience. It seems that as his popularity had grown the maturity level of his fans had decreased to the point where people where yelling about how much of a "sexy bitch" he was between songs and stupid teenage girls were answering phone calls during the show to talk to their mom or something. I left the concert pissed off and frustrated that they'd ruined that experience for me.

Moral of this story: If you're going to a show that will be mellow and you'll be able to hear everything turn your fucking phone off. Especially when they ask you to before the show. Also, don't yell out random bullshit during the show because you're an attention whore or clap off beat during songs, especially when no one if clapping. Thank you and good night.

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Date:January 12th, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
welcome to the udder hell that is stoopid concert goers, they are at every show, and I hate them.
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Date:January 14th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
did you go see damien at the moore with kristin and I way back when? am I thinking of someone else?

anyway, hi :) i see your posts from time to time and i'm glad you're doing well.
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Date:January 14th, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
Now that I think about it I think I did.

Hi! I haven't talked to you in a long time and didn't know you'd switched your journal. I'll add you so I can keep up on all your hijinks.
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